1. Company details

The Web-Shop “Serbian Lures” is run by ISR 2010 d.o.o., with its registered office in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

Company register details and address:

  • Company Name: ISR 2010 d.o.o. 
  • Company Address: ul. Milutina Milankovica 74/13 11070 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
  • VAT No.: SR106529328
  • Company ID No.: 20624353

Bank account details:

  • Bank Name: API Bank AD Beograd
  • IBAN Account No.: RS35375110120000027478
  • Intermediary Bank: VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG (SWIFT Code: OWHBDEFF)

2. General terms and conditions

2.1. All orders are shipped from Republic of Serbia, and are subjected to an Export procedure from Serbia, and the Import procedure in the country of its destination. The operator of the Web-Shop, ISR 2010 d.o.o., covers ONLY the costs of the Export procedure. All expenses of the Import procedure (VAT, Customs taxes…), are covered by the User of the Web-shop.

2.2. All items presented in the Web-Shop, are made in Republic of Serbia, and do not comply to any kind of certification in the Republic of Serbia, so are Exported with only one document – the Invoice. In case of any complications during the Import procedure, Web-Shop will not cover any possible additional costs, but is obliged to assist the User in form of letters-written confirmations, if requested by the User or any official office of the country of the final destination of the order.

2.3. All prices in the Web-Shop are in EUR and without VAT, since they all the orders are Exported from Republic of Serbia. Republic of Serbia is not a member of EU or any other free trade agreement.

2.4. We reserve the right to a partial order completion for different reasons, for example a missing lure in actual stock. If there are any problems with the order, we will inform the Customer about that fact within 2 working days, via e-mail.

2.5. The User agrees to receive information from the Web-Shop, used for processing the order, to the e-mail address that he/she has provided in the Checkout process, or while registering in the Web-Shop.

2.6. Users have the right to make their account available to third parties, providing them with their registered login and password, at their own risk.

2.7. If there are any changes in Users personal details (e.g. delivery address), User is to either inform the Web-Shop, or update the personal details in their account on their own.

2.8. User can at any moment request the deletion of his/hers account with all the personal data in the Web-Shop. User can do it sending an e-mail to: support@serbianlures.com.

2.9. The sales agreement is in English.

2.10. When ordering, items that are placed in the cart are stored by the system of the Web-Shop for a period of 1 working day. After this time, if the User does not finish the Checkout procedure, the cart is automatically reset.

2.11. The Web-Shop reserves the right to change:

  • the prices of the items.
  • payment options.
  • shipping options and rules.
  • discount system.

3. Ordering methods and changes in orders

3.1. Ordering in the Web-Shop, can be done through a created account (Sign up or Log in) or without registration, filling in all the data with every Order.

3.2. Minimum order amount is 50 EUR.

3.3. Adding items to your existing order, or cancelling items in the existing order. Changes to the existing Order can be done:

  • by User, accessing it via link and pin code of the Order sent to the Users e-mail,
  • by Web-Shop admin, on the basis of an e-mail request sent by the User.

Changes to the order can be made only if:

  • the Order is not payed for,
  • the Order has not already been packed into shipping package,
  • the Order was not sent by the Web-Shop. If any changes are made to the Order, User is informed by e-mail.

3.4. Order is considered placed, only after the User receives an e-mail with a confirmation that the Order is being processed.

3.5. All orders are processed in the order of their submission in the Web-Shop. If to the pending order a second order is placed with a request to combine orders, a new combined order will be created with the date of receipt of the last one. Products ordered separately after two working days from the first order will be treated as a separate orders complying to the shipping rules.

4. Methods of payment

4.1. Available forms of payment:

  • bank transfer, after our individual confirmation and delivery of the Invoice to the Users e-mail. If the Invoice is not paid within 3 working days, after it is sent, order is automatically canceled,
  • online payment via a credit/debit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Online payments are handled by 2Checkout payment gateway.

4.2. When making purchases using any payment option available, customer must wait for a confirmation by e-mail from an authorized person about the availability of goods in warehouses. The first confirmation sent automatically to your inbox is just a confirmation that the order has been placed and is being processed.

4.3. The Web-Shop reserves the right to change the payment method of the order.

4.4. In the case of a refund to a transaction paid by a credit card, the refund is made to the card’s account.

5. Shipping fees:

The shipping fee includes:

  • preparing and packaging the items ordered,
  • cost of export procedures,
  • delivery to the door or to the Post office of the Zip code stated in the delivery address.

If the Order is not subjected to any additional procedures when in your country, it will be delivered to your door. The Web-shop system automatically calculates the shipping fee on the basis of the weight of each item ordered, together with the weight of the packaging, and the final destination of the package – shipping address that is stated by the User in the checkout process. Shipping fees directly depend on the weight and the continent the package is sent to.

6. Presented item details

  • descriptions and features (floating, sinking, diving depth, weight, length… ) of the items in the Web-Shop, are provided by manufacturers,
  • Hand Made Wooden Lures are hand crafted items, whose shape, color and weight can be slightly different from item to item. When purchasing 2 pieces of the same item, there can be a small difference in weight,
  • Web-Shop is responsible for the accuracy of the information for all the items, except the weight of the items in the group Hand Made Wooden Lures.

7. Order processing time, shipment, order collection

  • the delivery is carried out via International Post Service,
  • delivery time depends on the country of destination. It can take from 3 to 30 working days,
  • the ordered items are shipped to the User within maximum of 4 working days of the day of payment of the Order,
  • if the Order is placed and payed for during national holidays in Serbia, delivery date may be extended, and the User will be informed about this situation,
  • the Order is delivered by a carrier at the expense of the User, unless the terms and conditions of Discount system and Shipping rules of the Web Shop state different,
  • the Web-Shop is responsible for all damages during transport or loss of shipment,
  • please do not accept packages damaged during transport,
  • after accepting a package, which on the outside didn’t bare any traces of damage, without objections, the burden of proof that the goods were damaged during transport rests on the User.

8. Guarantees

8.1. Web-Shop is 100% responsible for the delivery of complete items. In case of detecting a defect of the purchased item, please contact us in order to agree upon the further procedure. Defective items will be exchanged for full value, and if it is not available, a refund will be made to the bank account indicated by the User.

8.2. The guarantee covers only manufacturing defects or hidden defects of the purchased item detected in the process of use as directed. Any and all defects caused by the User (i.e. a mechanical damage, individual repair, use not as directed) will not constitute grounds for accepting the complaint.

8.3. The guarantee covers only items purchased in our Web-Shop.

9. Complaint and refund procedure

9.1. Serbian Lures Web-Shop accepts complaints and claims sent within 30 days of the date of receiving the order.

9.2. In the case of complaints or claim, please make a photo of the purchased items, and explain in your words the nature of the complaint, and send it to our e-mail: support@serbianlures.com. In the complaint state the number of your order and your full name.

9.3. The Web-shop will respond to your complaint within 3 working days.

9.4. In Serbian Lures Web-Shop, every complaint or claim is worked with separately. Accepted complaints, are processed individually, all depending on the value of the items, address of the delivery, items at hand. Some will result in returning of the order, some with just a refund on the Users account.

9.5. Refunds are made in 2 ways:

  • free shipping of replacement items,
  • financial refunding to the Users account.

Both are a subject of additional agreement of the Web-Shop with the User. Web-Shop is obliged to give options to the User.

9.6. If you have any questions concerning complaints and refunds, please e-mail us to: support@serbianlures.com.

10. The website’s privacy policy

The entire document is available at the following website link https://serbianlures.com/privacy-policy/.