Product Information

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Basically, a unique service of implementing an enormous experience in lure building. Lures are custom created for specific conditions and a type of fish, based on your wishes and preferences. Depending on the type of lure it takes from 30 days to 3 months for the lures to be made.

Customer Service

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All orders are shipped using International Post Service. Orders are shipped within 4 days from the day of payment.

Serbian Lures is an official web-shop based in Belgrade, Serbia. All the orders are paid to a company, not a personal PayPal account or a bank account. All orders are Officially Exported from Serbia. Serbia is not a member of EU, so all incoming packages from Serbia are imported and have to go through customs procedures. In EU countries Post will charge you from 25% to 30% of the package value – import taxes and VAT. In USA and Canada imported packages with the value less than 300 USD are free of any additional charges. Different countries and economic zones have different rules for imported goods.