B2B system is something that we are working on, to make all these lures easy to order for other shops around the world. We work only directly with Retailers.

This is not our first day in the fishing tackle business, we have been exporting and selling all these lures on the Russian market since 2001.

We know how goods are marked, exported, how the transport is organized and what is the Recommended Retail Price. Size of your order is not important to us, we have different prices depending on the amount and type of your order.

Please do have in mind that some Manufacturers and Workshops have distributors in certain countries with exclusive rights of import and sales in those countries or even several.

In order to present the HAND MADE lures in the right way, we made a Display that these lures truly deserve. Display is also hand made so it takes some time to make one. In any case an order of Hand Made lures takes at least 2 months to be ready for shipment.

HAND MADE Lures are properly marked and can be packed in two ways depending on what you prefer. These lures have no models and basically an unlimited range, so no international barcodes are registered for these lures, but labels with your own barcodes can be printed and lures properly marked.

We can Export the lures via the POST EXPORT service – simplified export using the services of International Post for packages worth up to 1000 EUR. This service works only as Avia mail, so it takes only about 5-7 days to get the package to USA for an example, and in Europe it is faster.

Also, we can regularly export your order, with a faster delivery. Please do have in mind that all the lures are of Serbian origin, so no customs duty is paid when importing the goods into EU countries or USA, only the VAT.

If you find our offer interesting, please contact us via e-mail support@serbianlures.com.