Serbian Lures is a platform with a mission to bring under one roof the best fishing lures Serbia can offer. Foundation for this web-shop was developed during 15 years of hard work on the demanding Russian market, where among all the best lure brands in the world, lures made in Serbia, secured its place on the market, mostly because of their quality and satisfied anglers.

We speak, English, Serbian and Russian … for now.

Serbia, although a very small country, is a birthplace of several worldly recognized lures manufacturers / brands, and what makes Serbia even more recognized among hardcore anglers are Craftsmen that create exquisite Wooden Hand Made lures. There is a long lasting tradition in Serbia of Hand Crafted lures (over 40 years), and there are more and more anglers turning their passion for fishing into a hobby of making their own lures, and often making an additional income by selling their lures. We are focused in presenting to the world, in the right way, the Legends of this Craft. Guys with 20-30 years of experience, in crafting a lure and their sales.

Please do have in mind, that we are not a personal Facebook page, selling only through personal Pay Pal accounts, or Western Union wires, but a company that officially exports Serbian fishing tackle, with 15 years of experience in the business.

We hope to achieve our mission, and build a reliable e-shop of fishing lures from Serbia, with a wide range of lures, that will be able to answer to any of your fishing needs.

Clear waters, Tight lines, no scales and no tails.

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Hand Made by Nik

Small set of wooden lures, every single with a unique action. Simply prepared for anything – Trout, Lenok, Taimen, Hucho, Pike, Asp…

Goldy Lures

40 years of experience in lure building, integrated into a wide range of plastic lures. True representative of Serbian School of Lure building.

Calypso Lures

Collaborative effort of a Machine and Mans hands. 30 years of perfecting simple and effective lures.


We are a The Choice for Fishing shops that prefer to be different, original and sell only the fishing tackle of highest quality. We have huge experience in supplying Shops that specialize in fishing certain species and Outfitters and Fishing Lodges.

These are just some of the Craftsmen and Manufacturers whose lures we proudly present to the world. Hopefully the list will expand as the time passes. All the Craftsmen and Manufacturers are carefully selected and we have a No Compromises policy when it comes to the quality of lures.

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