Nik's 2NK15HBR BT
Nik's 2NK15HBR BT
Nik's 2NK15HBR BT

Nik’s 2NK15HBR BT


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Nik’s 2NK15HB – large floating jointed lure for fisihng large trophies. Massive Cranckbait, with a strong and sturdy action. Great for long casts and reaching those pools to which you can not get on foot. Creates very strong resistance with water when pulled against the current, so you can easily feel through the rod every single change in its action – every bite. Perfect for fishing large salmonied species – Taimen, Hucho Perryi, Hucho Hucho, but will provoke Pike and Musky. Whether you decide to use it in rivers or lakes, it makes no difference, it will do the job.


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