Cika's 2CKL20SH KTLF
Cika's 2CKL20SH KTLF
Cika's 2CKL20SH KTLF
Cika's 2CKL20SH KTLF

Cika’s 2CKL20SH KTLF


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Cika’s 2CKL20SH – Imitating several species of Salmon by shape and look, while in their natural drive to spawn. 200mm of a Mix of Lure Art and a Handmade lure for catching large Taimen or Hucho Perryi – species that hunt Salmon regulary, every spawn season. Strong sturdy action, for fish to not only feel but also see the presence of such a bite… First you go to a gym, and than you cast this lure… Musky and Pike are certainly gonna see this lure as a potential meal…Will they bite? O, that is more up to the Angler…


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